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Šug (/ʃuːg/, [shoog], noun) – sauce, gravy

As in life so is with food, nothing is worth it without a great "Šug"...

– an old dalmatian saying


Encouraged by long experience in various kitchens and the desire to present the acquired knowledge to a wider audience, two chefs and friends opened Šug. A restaurant where you cook sincerely and with a lot of love, trying to satisfy people who want top quality food but also a homely traditional atmosphere. The effort they constantly invest in order to present something new to the audience every day, but also with quality, starts from the smallest details, so even the bread they serve is baked in the restaurant itself.


Born in Split and growing up in it’s environment, these two friends are constantly trying to respond to the demanding gastro scene, which is changing rapidly. However, encouraged by the “dišpet” of Dalmatian children and inspired by the traditional dishes of their old grandparents and the environment that blesses them with top quality ingredients, they form a modern menu that will surely enjoy not only local guests but also those from around the world. Homemade ingredients such as onions, tomato, olive oil and wine are indispensable elements of the Mediterranean that not only affect cooking in Dalmatia but also the lifestyle and culture itself.

As in life, so is in the kitchen, nothing is worth it without good “Šug” (sauce)! Guided by this philosophy, the restaurant itself gets its name, so you can find various dishes and appetizers with top-quality sauces on the menu. The combination of modern cuisine and the processing of dishes on a live fire, that gives a unique taste and the stamp of tradition, leaves an indelible mark on every plate.


See for yourself.



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